3D Virtual Samples help you make more sales

Please note Easypromo3D now replaced by newer technology please go to the SAMPLE-iT Website for the latest product details

  • Create virtual samples that help sell products

    Create virtual samples that help sell products

    Giving your customer a 3D sample they can really explore with our innovative navigation tools will help you close more deals

  • Reduce the cost of your samples

    Reduce the cost of your samples

    You can deliver a great looking interactive 3D proof in minutes and better still at a fraction of the cost of creating a traditional sample

  • Streamline your proofing processes

    Streamline your proofing processes

    By giving your customer a 3D mock up of their order you can eliminate errors and reduce delays with electronic sign off

  • Make your website really stand out

    Make your website really stand out

    Enabling customers to create their own samples on your website or explore your product range in 3D really makes their visit memorable

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  • Display Products in 3D

    Display Products in 3D

    Suppliers upload just 6 photos of their product and we then generate a brandable interactive 3D model that can be used for product display on websites, flyers or eCatalogs. Once uploaded all products can be personalized

  • Create 3D Virtual Samples

    Create 3D Virtual Samples

    The Visualizer is then used by suppliers and distributors to create their own 3D samples. Our flexible Sample Manager then allows these to be sent as links, embedded on a web page or included in an email

  • Generate 3D Proofs

    Generate 3D Proofs

    Our 3D models are high quality so can be used to enable your customers to proof their jobs online in 3D. Our Proof Manager enables simple electronic sign off that can help to eliminate expensive errors and avoid costly delays